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Welcome to Ron Fong's TEAM JOAN Page

Ronnie Fong

Join me and TeamJoan in raising lung cancer awareness. Come walk/run 5k or donate $5 or more.

I was devasted to learn that my lovely wife Joan was diagnosed at age 56 with Stage IV Lung Cancer (metastatized to the bones). She is a never smoker, but has a genetic mutation common in Asian female never smokers!

It turns out anyone who has a pair of lungs can get lung cancer.

* 20% of women who get lung cancer are never smokers
* There is no early detection for lung cancer.
* Lung cancer kills more women than any other cancer. Lung cancer alone kills more women than the next four top cancers combined —nearly 200 women each day and most die within a year of diagnosis.
* Research funding and survival rates for lung cancer have remained very low. Breast cancer gets 20x the funding of lung cancer; and the 5-year survival rate for breast cancer is about 20x higher than lung cancer as well.
* 60% of East Asian women who are never smokers who get lung cancer have a genetic mutation that is driving the lung cancer, and are usually responsive to a targeted drug therapy for the first line of defense in lieu of taking radiation or chemotherapy or surgery as the first options!
* 50% of all people with lung cancer die within one year of the discovery due to the lack of early detection.

Join us in raising awareness for research to figure out how to make lung cancer a chronic disease instead of an early killer.

The life expectancy from her diagnosis was 8 months. It is considered terminal because the cancer has metastatsized into her bones ( hip, spine, ribs, pelvis) and there is no known way to eradicate it from the bones.

Thanks to God, to the medical team, to clincal trials and to the ongoing revolution in targeted drug therapies aimed at specific genetic profiles, Joan has made her 22 month cancerversary!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

She is doing pretty good and feeling pretty good in response to the cancer. She has no breathing problems, no hair loss, no pain in the bones, no nausea, no loss of appetite and only minor jaw/teeth problems and spots of brain fog. Joan at half speed still beats most of us at full speed. Thanks be to God for her heatlhy attitude and for a decent quality of life. Thanks to y'all for all the prayers.

Support Joan Fong (never smoker Stage 4 Lung Cancer patient)
September 27, 2015 San Francisco Walk / Run / Donate
* Donate $5 or more
* Run / Walk 5k

Thank you so very much for your prayers and support.

To learn more about Joan's journey, you can visit

To see some pictures of the 2014 walk,



raised of $2,500 goal

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1. BBarb Fuhs
Joan and Ron -- you two are an inspiration to us all!
2. WWarren & Nellie
God Bless You, Joan and Ron
3. LZLani Zimmerman
4. BBruce P.
Hey Ron, have a good day for a great cause!
5. RARajiv Arora
Wishing speedy recovery.
6. DFDorothy D Fong
Hi Ron and Joan, This donation is from Mom and Dad. We Love You.

Team Joan