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Welcome to Carrie Bean's Fundraising Page

Carrie Bean

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very important to me, because it is to support a dear friend of mine, Valerie Brosdal, whom I used to work with at 3Com over 20 years ago. Valerie has stage IV lung cancer (never smoked) and is fighting for her life. I was planning to participate in this 5K event to show her support and raise awareness about lung cancer, but am now unable to due to health issues of my own. I'm more than bummed about that! I'm still going to do my best to do what I can to help Valerie.

I'd love to ask for your support for her and this very worthwhile cause as well. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Please check out to learn more about Valerie's inspiring story. And if you'd like to make Valerie smile, paint your toes Purple!

With any donation you make to this 5K, email a photo of your Purple Toes (along with your address) to me ( and I will send you a bottle of OPI purple polish! I'll be sending them all to Valerie. Even Jim painted his toes purple! :) Together we can make a difference for the PurpleToes Team and bring Smiles for Val! :) Get your Purple On!

Thanks so much,



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Recent Donations

1. SBShannon Bean
$10 from me and $10 from Denise Jackson ??
2. MHMaryann Hardesty
Purple is the color of power, so here is power to your dear friend in her battle against cancer! God bless her!
3. ssShannon Smith
Thanks for making it happen, this is also in honor of my Great Aunt Nelda who lost her battle with Lung Cancer in May.
4. MCMarja Claffee
Cheering Valerie on to win her battle!
5. Carrie Bean
6. Carrie Bean
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