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Kathleen Hartford

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! As most of you already know, I lost my boss, Dr. Dean, to lung cancer on on September 8, 2014. He fought his battle for over 2 years. He was only 49 and left behind 4 incredible children (ages 7-14) and a loving wife. He was more than my boss, he was a dear friend. He cared so much about his staff. We were his crew. He treated us like family. I got to see him on that cold San Francisco day in September. This wasn't like any other I had visited him at UCSF though. He wasn't able to say much to me because he was gasping for each and every breath. He was able to tell me loved me though! That's what we did! Esme, Nancy, Judy, Maria, Kelly, and I were all able to express how grateful we were to know and work for him before he died. We even shared some laughs, ate some chocolate, and sipped some whiskey in his hospital room before his breathing got really bad. He was the first dentist to hire me out of hygiene school and I thought I'd be working with him the longest because he was the youngest. We all thought he'd win this battle, but he was set free from the pain of his condition and now we're left with a million amazing memories. Please help me and donate to this cause. Together we can make a difference! Best - Kathleen



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1. TThe Gosalvezes
It's a truly beautiful thing you are doing and an amazing way to honor Dr. Dean and his family. We are behind you all the way in the race to find a cure for Lung Cancer. All our love, The Gosalvezes
2. LALaura Autio
I know how important this is to you Kathleen so here is my donation!
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