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Jennifer Borges

Many of you know my story.... my godmother, my Aunt Bonnie was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma- Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in 1992. She died just two years later after a very painful, difficult battle with not just the treatments, but the lack of treatment options back then. She was a non-smoker, her parents were non-smokers and her house was non-smoking. 11 years later, on June 10, 2002, after my mom had been coughing from what we thought was pneumonia for weeks, they found a spot on her lungs. She too was diagnosed with adenocarinoma- NSC lung cancer. My mom had a few more options- she had surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and eventually pills. But she lived just four years from diagnosis. Then in Feb 2012 my mom's younger sister Christine was diagnosed again with NSC Lung Cancer. She fought valiantly, with new technology and some new treatments, lots of support and love, but she too succumbed to this awful disease November 2014- just over two years from diagnosis.

There are three healthy sisters and five daughters between my mom and Aunts. Dr's speculate that we female relatives have a 50% chance of getting this dreadful disease but they don't know enough about it to give us any prevention, tests, treatements or even hope at this point. So we sit and wait- to see who will be next.

I would ask you for my whole family- but mostly for MY own three beautiful children, that they don't have to lose their mom or their aunt the way that I did- please, I ask you to step up and support this amazing foundation! They are doing so much for research, education, care and support to so many people devastated by lung cancer. We need more research. We need more information. We need more prevention and we NEED A CURE!!!



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1. VFVictoria Fotopoulos
2. RJRonny M Juarez
So proud of you friend! Thank you for fighting so hard to find a cure for this horrible disease. As someone who has lost a mom to lung cancer, I know how devastating it is. Love you sweet lady!
3. DPDiana Porter
4. kwKathleen Watanabe
You and your family are always on my mind. Hope they find a cure someday soon.
5. CLCari L. Lopez
May God bless you for all you do to remind everyone of the importance of awareness and research.
6. CLChristine Lopez
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