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Welcome to Danelle Weller's Page

Danelle Weller

Welcome to my one and only big charity thing I do.
A little over a year ago I lost a really special person and gained a really important quest.

Krissy influenced me in a way very few do and standing by her thru her fight with lung cancer was inspiring, excruciating, spiritually empowering, confusing, enlightening... all the feelings.

For those of you I leaned on when she passed away- thank you.
For those of you who donated last year- you are all my heroes.
For those of you who support and cheer me on for all my running events- you're awesome, but this is the only one that really counts.

Thank you for visiting my page and please donate whatever you're inspired to donate for a cause and a person that will be dear to me for the rest of my life.




raised of $2,000 goal

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1. ABAnn Banks
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I'm always running a little late ;)! Xx
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