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Wilson Lee Walks for the Bonnie Adario Lung Cancer Foundation

Wilson Lee

Did you know:

* 20% of women who get lung cancer are never smokers

* There is no early detection for lung cancer.

* Lung cancer kills more women than any other cancer. Lung cancer alone kills more women than the next four top cancers combined —nearly 200 women each day and most die within a year of diagnosis.

* Research funding and survival rates for lung cancer have remained very low. Breast cancer gets 20x the funding of lung cancer; and the 5-year survival rate for breast cancer is about 20x higher than lung cancer as well.

* 60% of East Asian women who are never smokers who get lung cancer have a genetic mutation that is driving the lung cancer, and are usually responsive to a targeted drug therapy for the first line of defense in lieu of taking radiation or chemotherapy or surgery as the first options!

Ten years ago on Christmas Day, my Uncle Richard passed away of lung cancer. Two years, Joan, a dear friend of my wife Mag, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Neither she nor my uncle were smokers. By the grace of God, Joan has made it past 21 months since diagnosis and her faith gives her strength and hope while clinical trials and therapies battle the disease.

For Joan, and in memory of Uncle Richard, I am walking to raise awareness of lung cancer and request support for the Bonnie Adario Lung Cancer Foundation. The Bonnie Addario Foundation funds clinical research and provides patient programs to increase the survival rate for lung cancer patients.

We appreciate prayers and support.



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Thank you for bringing awareness to this cause.
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Have fun and enjoy your walk!
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Good luck! Great cause you're running for!
Admirable cause. Enjoy your walk.
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