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Thank you for visiting our page. As most of my friends know, this cause is very dear to me, as my mother passed away from lung cancer nearly 7 years ago. She is missed every day, some days still worse than others. Olive, Daisy and I are running in support of this great organization which helps fight the fight against lung cancer. We appreciate all the support we can get -- whether that's in the form of donations, words of encouragement or running alongside us!!
Together we can make a difference. xoxo - Claudia, Olive, & Daisy



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1. GAGraciela Arevalo
So sorry about your mom, had no idea. Kudos to you all for running and fundraising for such a great cause. Enjoy the race, go Team Winterton!
2. SSSarah Steinbreder
3. YGYan Gu
4. EGEileen Gu
5. BGBeet Griffiths
6. DMDaisy Maunupau