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Priscilla Wong

This cause is very dear to me ... I will be walking in honor of a dear friend & colleague, Lorraine Lee, MD. Dr. Lee passed away late 2014 from lung cancer. In the US, lung cancer affects 225,000 patients and causes over 160,000 deaths per year. More people die from lung cancer than from any other cancer. I'll appreciate any support you can provide for a well-worthy cause. Together we can make a difference! Thank you. Best - Priscilla



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1. ACAndy Chan
Best DEC, all year round. Not just in December. Good luck Priscilla!
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3. JJenny Shen
Great work! :))
4. VCVirginia Chu
5. JFJeffery Fong
6. ELElizabeth G Lee
That's wonderful that you're walking in Dr. Lee's memory.
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