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Timothy Duong

Hello Everyone!

I’ll be running again this year to raise money for lung cancer research in memory of my sister and father who have both passed away from this disease. So, here I am again asking you for money. You’re probably asking yourselves, when will he stop making these requests? =D

My goal this year is $2000, and I hope that you can contribute. It’s all for a good cause! And you can contribute as much or as little as you like. The money you donate will go a long way in helping others who have lung cancer.

The run will again be held at Lake Merced on September 27, 2015. (Two months from now as I'm typing this up.) You’re all more than welcome to come run with me!

For the past few years, this event has been held at Lake Merced, and I think that's wonderful. Jenne used to take me running around this lake. We'd start off exactly where the start line is and would run until I get tired and then we'd turn back. I usually start off fast, and she would go in a steady pace. Eventually, I would run out of energy and she would overtake me. Happened all the time when we went running together. Something about fast twitch and slow twitch muscles, but anyways...

It has been years since I ran consistently, and I now run... let's just say at a slower pace than I would like. =P I'd like to finish this run in under 30 mins. It's a 5K run, which means I would have to average about 9:30 min/mile (notice the unit conversion) to make it under 30 min. (Hope I did the math right.) So, I'm going to have to train. And to keep me motivated to train, I'll keep a running journal here on this page for all to see. It'll be updated regularly until the event. Wish me luck! =)

September 22, 2015
Last update!! Thanks to everyone who donated!! =) We’ve surpassed $2,000!! I’ve also been running. I’m still below 9 min/mile. Hopefully, I’ll maintain that speed this coming Sunday. =)

September 9, 2015
I’m so close to my goal!!! I’ve also been running! On 9/2, I averaged 8:32 min/mile running for 3.2 miles. On 9/6, I averaged 8:43 min/mile running for 3.1 miles. Yes, I was a little slower. I think that’s because I went swimming in the morning that day. Also had some gummy bears before my run. That may have done something. =P

August 31, 2015
It’s been a while since I’ve updated this. I have been running… in D.C. Yep, work trip. It was hot and humid there, so I ran inside the gym two times during that trip. I also ran in SSF right before I left for my trip. 3.2 miles! I’m getting 8:58 min/mile. =)

August 9, 2015
Clear, 65°F, Wind: 7 mph W/NW
I ran 3.22 miles in 29 mins and 1 sec. Average pace and speed: 9:00 min/mile and 6.67 mph. Wow, how about that? Pretty fast huh? Maybe I should put an asterisk to that. I did have to make two quick stops along the way. My heart was just beating too fast. But I think I can get that under control with more running. Also, this journal is getting too long! I’ll update once every few weeks from now on to save space. It’s not like people are reading this anyways. =P

August 5, 2015
I ran 3 miles with a pace of 9:13 min/mile. I was on travel for work, and it was waaayy too hot and humid to run outside. So, I decided to run indoors. Yeah, it’s not the same but I did run 3 miles!

August 1, 2015
Clear, 70°F, Wind: 7 mph W
I ran 2.27 miles in 21 mins and 23 secs. Average pace and speed: 9:23 min/mile and 6.40 mph. OMG what a hot day to run! Even though I ran pretty fast today, this was not my best run. I actually had to take a pause because of the heat. Good thing the event is near the end of September. I can always count on SF being a balmy 58°F. This SF native has truly adapted to living in the cold. Also, my runs have been pretty short, and I think it’s time to increase my distance to 5K to really prepare myself.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 07.27.2015
Clear, 62°F, Wind: 11 mph W/NW
I ran 2.38 miles in 22 mins and 46 secs. Average pace and speed: 9:33 min/mile and 6.28 mph. Cool! I’m getting there! I’m pretty sure I would have gotten 9:30 min/mile if I did have to go up those stairs. Got a bathroom scale to weigh myself today. I thought I was 150 lbs, but I’m actually 8 lbs more than that. Yeesh, no wonder my pants have gotten tighter. I thought they were shrinking in the dryer! Gotta watch my caloric intake! I’ve also been thinking about how to increase my speed. I was told that I would have to extend my stride and use my glutes more. Really? But I’m Asian! I’ve got a flat butt and cannot lie. Well, time to build up my glutes!

July 24, 2015
Clear, 60°F, Wind: 8 mph W
I ran 1.36 miles in 12 mins and 14 secs. Average pace and speed: 8:57 min/mile and 6.70 mph. I only ran a short distance today. I blame the company BBQ. I ate a lot!! Wish I was able to decrease my mass before my run, but nope. =P Couldn’t rush it.

July 21, 2015
Mostly cloudy, 58°F, Wind: 9 mph W/NW
I ran 2.40 miles in 23 mins and 14 secs. Average pace and speed: 9:39 min/mile and 6.22 mph. Back to my “regular” pace.

July 19, 2015
Mostly cloudy, 69°F, Wind: 3 mph N/NW
I ran 2.39 miles in 25 mins and 9 secs. Average pace and speed: 10:30 min/mile and 5.71 mph. What happened here?

July 14, 2015
Mostly cloudy, 60°F, Wind: 8 mph W/NW
I ran 2.38 miles in 22 mins and 58 secs. Average pace and speed: 9:38 min/mile and 6.23 mph. OK ok… slight improvement.

July 10, 2015
Clear, 62°F, Wind: 5 mph W/NW
I ran 0.9 miles in 7 mins and 39 secs. Average pace and speed: 8:30 min/mile and 7.06 mph. The reason I only ran 0.9 miles? I pulled my left calf muscle! DOH! Going to have to give my leg a few days of rest. ARGH!

July 7, 2015
Overcast, 60°F, Wind: 10 mph S/SW
I ran 2.41 miles in 23 mins and 30 secs. Average pace and speed: 9:44 min/mile and 6.16 mph. Now we’re talking’!

July 1, 2015
Partly cloudy, 60°F, Wind: 10 mph S/SW
I ran 2.42 miles in 25 mins and 32 secs. Average pace and speed: 10:31 min/mile and 5.70 mph. I slowed down?!

June 23, 2015
Clear, 60°F, Wind: 15 mph W/SW
I ran 2.43 miles in 25 mins and 36 secs. Average pace and speed: 10:30 min/mile and 5.72 mph. No improvements yet. Hey whatdaya expect? It’s only been 3 days!

June 20, 2015
Partly cloudy, 60°F, Wind: 12 mph S/SW
I ran 2.4 miles in 25 mins and 13 secs. Average pace and speed: 10:30 min/mile and 5.71 mph. Oh boy, I’ve got a lot of training to do. Just FYI, part of my path is going up some flights of stairs.



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